About Us

Dhrit Networks - Trust of 4+ Years

We feel the privilege to introduce our self; Dhriti Networks is India’s leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) based in Sultan Pur New Delhi and we started in 2015. Since then we have continually reviewed the needs of our corporates and home customers and have advanced our system to meet those needs. The main purpose of our service has always been to allow our customers seamless Internet access. Dhriti has developed a sophisticated backend (Optical Fiber) networking infrastructure, which allows us to cater to large numbers of customers concurrently.

We give our customers what they need.

Our services and products are designed specifically for business customers. We know what is important to you and we understand how to apply digital technology.

We Get Personal

At Infinite, we make it personal. Our local team work directly with you and your business with customer demand driving the organic growth of our service range

Expert help and support

While we provide businesses with access to the best enterprise and open source technologies, we believe people – our own and yours – are the most valuable part of our business.